About RMC

REGIONAL METEOROLOGICAL CENTRE (RMC), Lahore is the regional head office of the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) in Punjab and Kashmir. RMC Lahore started its function as a Meteorological Observatory in 1885 and has been functioning since then. It is one of the oldest observatory in Indo-Pak sub-continent. The Meteorological. Observatory was then upgraded into Regional Meteorological Center in 1956 and shifted in a newly constructed building. Mr Abdul Hayee was the first Director of RMC, Lahore. Then in 1958, Seismic Observatory was also established in the building of RMC Lahore. Initially RMC Lahore was controlling all the Meteorological Observational stations located at various places of Punjab, Kashmir, KPK and Gilgit- Baltistan. Now, Regional Meteorological Center (RMC), Lahore, under the supervision of Director controlling all the Surface observatories, Met. Offices(MOs), PBO Stations, Agro met stations, AWS Stations and Seismic stations of Punjab and Kashmir.
RMC Building